Off the Court

Liz Ellis AO

Liz Ellis is a netballer that needs no introduction. Commentator, author and one of the best defenders the world has ever seen! Liz was the Captain of the national netball team for four years and played a record-breaking 122 games for Australia. She won three world championships and two Commonwealth Games gold medals

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Bob Dwyer AM

When Bob was coaching the Australian Rugby team in the 90s, he called on the High Performance Australian Netball Coach Janet Rothwell to run some training sessions for his rugby team.

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Lisa Alexander

According to Lisa Alexander, a good Head Coach teaches players more than just tactics. We recently discovered that Lisa’s holistic approach to coaching included the use of journals. All Diamonds players and staff are presented with gold journals to be used throughout...

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Sue Gaudion

Here's a netball legend that needs no introduction. Sue is the lifeblood of 9’s Wide World of Sports Netball Commentary Team, offering unique and entertaining insights into the game. She's also a respected and successful high performance coach, mentor and champion of...

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Anne Sargeant O.A.M

Anne Sargeant is synonymous with Australian Netball. Former Australian Captain, national selector for the Australian Diamonds, commentator, and legend (Don’t take our word for it: it says so in the Sport Australia Hall of Fame). Anne is the Director at the Anne...

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Sue Cox

Netball is one of Sue’s greatest passion, both as a player, and a coach, usually of teams that include at least one of her daughters! She is co-author of My Incredible Netball Journal. Is it true that you often have to say to people“I’m not yelling! This is just my...

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