Did you wish you had a journal when you were younger in which you recorded the highs and lows of your sporting moments? We hear it from parents all the time “Oh! I wish I had a fun book like this when I was playing netball!”

As we get older, we realise how important it is to keep a record of both life’s achievements and its challenges. In a world that is becoming increasingly busy, we love the idea that kids can take time off their screens by using this netball journal to record everything from their scores to how they felt on game day.

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The journal is the result of months of brainstorming and forming what it has become – nearly 100 pages of activities, questions, tips and reference points for young netballers aged 6-13 years old. The intention is for the journal to be a keepsake, for boys as well as girls.

The journal covers pretty much everything kids are immersed in when participating in the sport, but might not necessarily be conscious of. There’s space to jot down all your details and list favourite things, note the positions you’ve played over the course of the season and explains rules and courtside etiquette.

It’s also a brilliant communication tool between players and coaches.

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A big shout out to Sue Cox and Eliza McCann, the team behind ‘My Incredible Journals’. The journal is an easy to read, one activity page per week journal for young netballer’s to complete. It covers personal goals, team goals, respect, leadership, resilience, fun quizzes and much more including netball education knowledge.

As coaches, we have spent years working with elite athletes, working on personal and team goal setting. We both believe ‘My Incredible Journal’ hits the target audience it’s aimed for perfectly. We feel the NetSetGo to 13 year old bracket will be gently introduced to concepts without it been onnerous.

Congratulations girls on a wonderful idea and to follow that idea with a fabulous and valuable resource for our future Diamonds we are sure the kids of Australia will love ‘My Incredible Journal’.

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There’s nothing more delightful than watching your child find their passion in life! For my kids, it was joining a netball team and discovering a sport that they fell in love with. Having written, and published, travel journals for kids while living overseas, I’m a strong believer that documenting experiences and creating a memento to look back on for years to come is invaluable.

This fabulous new children’s book is bursting with activities for brain and body! We hope the journal encourages:

  • kids to document their sporting journey – from scores to how they felt on game day
  • ownership of the game – there are tips on how to be game ready and how to be prepared
  • taking a holistic approach to netball – a well-rounded child makes a happy child
  • kids to make healthy eating choices and be aware of their body
  • players to think about what it means to be part of a team, not just how to play as an individual
  • players to get to know their coach – having a role model other than a parent can teach kids incredible life lessons
  • players to get know their teammates – new or old!

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